Ensuring that the quality of trainings and legislative intent meets contextual understanding for program compliance.

Standard 5.20 & Family Code section 3200.5 Trainings

The three-day, in-person Family Code section 3200.5 and Standard 5.20 of the California Standards of Judicial Administration (Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation) trainings are offered in both the Southern and Northern regions, in collaborative partnership with the Judicial Council/Center for Families, Children & the Courts, Access to Visitation Grant Program, as the Judicial Council serves as the state expert responsible for development and adoption of Standard 5.20. The statewide training is designed to provide a framework to professional providers and other multidisciplinary experts in comprehending, conceptualizing, and developing program policy and procedures and best practices for successful implementation of Standard 5.20 requirements. Click on the Training Calendar for scheduled events.

Training Calendar

A list of upcoming trainings, conferences, and webinars is listed on the 2021 Calendar. Each training and education event will have a Survey Monkey registration link. Survey Monkey is the first initial registration step. Registration does guarantee confirmation of attendance. Space is limited. Payment link will be sent upon confirmation.
Please note that under the COVID-19 period, in-person training and education events are temporarily suspended for health and safety reasons.


2021 WebEx Standard 5.20 and Family Code Section 3200.5 Trainings (In Red)
& other registration links are below.

Registration Fees

The various training and education programs will have different registration fees. Court personnel may attend [most] trainings at no costs and special discount rates apply for groups of three or more for any training event.



Ensuring that the quality of trainings & legislative intent & contextual understanding.

Train-the-Trainer Program

CASVSP will undertake development of a train-the-trainer program. It is anticipated that such program will be implemented at the end of 2021. In the meantime, CASVSP will continue to provide the Standard 5.20 and Family Code section 3200.5 in partnership with the Judicial Council/CFCC, Access to Visitation Grant Program. This decision is made by the Association to ensure that the quality of trainings and legislative intent and contextual understanding of Standard 5.20 is demonstrated by highly qualified competent trainers and/or training organizations that have worked closely with the Judicial Council of California.

As part of the train-the-trainer program, CASVSP will not consider any individual and/or organization that has not completed the Standard 5.20 and Family Code section 3200.5 training provided directly by CASVSP and/or the Judicial Council/CFCC and/or agencies and individuals that have worked closely in collaborative partnership with CASVSP or the Judicial Council of California. Trainers must have completed the statutory training requirements through the three- day, in-person training (at least twice) and not any online training for consideration as a possible trainer with CASVSP.


Working to implement high quality training & education programs and trainers.


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