CASVSP aims to represent an interdisciplinary network of multidisciplinary professionals committed to one unified statewide voice serving the diverse needs of professional providers of supervised visitation. CASVSP strives to help protect the best interests of parents and children through the development and creation of strategic collaborative partnerships amongst key stakeholders, organizations, and the court to advance excellent training and education programs, increase public awareness and understanding related to supervised visitation and exchange services, and promote and maintain professional ethical standards and standards of conduct in private, public, and court-communities to improve the provisions of service delivery.


Membership is open to Providers who meet training criteria or for Associates of CASVSP

Cost is only 75.00 per Provider or Associate and just 125.00 for Provider agencies with three or more employees (does not include contractors)
• Successful completion of Standard 5.20 through training provided by the CA
• Judicial Council in collaboration with CASVSP
• Renewed annually January

Benefits  Include
• Access to form packets not included in specific training
• Updated and new forms
• Additional networking meetings to address issues that are identified as needing support to respond to local issues in your County(regional)
• 3 additional trainings during the year for no cost including, mental health, domestic violence, trauma informed practice, and substance abuse, and other guest presenters on topics relevant to supervised visitation or group mentoring opportunities.
• Ability to apply for acceptance in CASVSP Train the Trainer program. (Not yet announced) Successful application, acceptance, and completion of TOT Institute (cost not yet determined) will allow the individual to provide training on Standard 5.20/FC3200.5 under the direction and using CASVSP training materials.

Limitations to membership
Membership does not imply ability to speak on behalf of CASVSP or imply having access to CASVSP training materials

Request an application by sending an email to


The primary focus of CASVSP is to address state, regional, and localized needs of providers of supervised visitation and exchange services, work on policy and legislative initiatives or mandates relating to supervised visitation, and assist providers with compliance and adherence to Family Code section 3200.5 requirements and California’s Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation.


In 2010, the California Association of Supervised Visitation Services Providers was founded by a small core group of court and community professionals seeking to promote high quality and excellence in service delivery, compliance with state standards of practice, and uniformity and consistency relating to implementation of the Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation. The organization was created also in response to working with former Assembly Woman Fiona Ma's office as the sponsor of Assembly Bill 1674 that enacted Family Code section 3200.5. This commitment included the establishment of an organization focused directly on the needs and challenges of California providers and quality statewide training and education for professional providers.

Helping support professionals who work with families and children court-ordered to supervised visitation and exchange services.


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