CASVSP Training Opportunities


Increase your knowledge of the California regulations for Supervised Visitation Practices


Training Description:

CASVSP Webinars are intended to provide general information to the professional supervised visitation provider for a variety of skill enhancements and related topics.




Current Trainings




The Judicial Council/CFCC, Access to Visitation Grant Program, in collaboration with CASVSP, has been able to provide free Standard 5.20 and Family Code section 3200.5 trainings statewide for professional providers of supervised visitation. Over the last 2 years; however, attendance at the various trainings, despite the benefit of a free training, there has been numerous last minute cancellations and no-shows that has resulted—in parts, with low-attendance. In preparation for [these] trainings, considerable administrative time and resources is invested in preparation of the training. In view of the these challenges, California’s Access to Visitation Grant Program and CASVSP has adopted a new approach for how free-based trainings will be delivered.


Attendance Policy (effective February 2020)

Anyone seeking to attend a free training must:  


  1. Register and attend the training.

  2. Complete the pre-requisite assignments prior to Day 1 of the training.

  3. If cancellation is necessary, the reason for cancellation must be in writing and submitted by email to no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the training.

  4. Important: Failure to cancel within the cancellation period will void any free training opportunities within a 12-month period.


Eligibility to participate:

Who can participate in the trainings? The trainings are designed for professional supervised visitation providers—individuals working in a supervised visitation center or agency or independent providers, court personnel, grant recipients, and other professionals from, various organizations. Please note: The Judicial Council and CASVSP reserves the right to ask individuals to cease participation based on either past or present behavior. Behaviors from past trainings where an attendee has engaged in a manner deemed inappropriate, unprofessional, and disruptive.   


Training Opportunity:

CASVSP will offer attendees that have successfully completed the Standard 5.20 training within the last 12-month period, an opportunity to take a refresher course, at no costs, provided space is available (first come, first serve).

CA Mandated Reporter Training - Online

Effective January 1, 2021, professional providers of supervised must complete an online training course relating to child abuse reporting laws for mandated reporters that is provided by the State Department of Social Services.

*CASVSP wishes to inform you of the above external training(s). This does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the training or speakers.


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