If you are interested in becoming a member of CASVSP, please read the following information regarding membership requirements and benefits.  After reading the information please followup with a letter of interest to  Your e-mail will be answered by the Membership Chair who will help you with the membership process of submitting documentation for membership approval.

Thank you for your interest, look forward to hearing from you.


Effective August 1, 2018


Mission: The mission of CASVSP as a statewide association of professionals in California is to represent, assist, promote, and support the delivery of supervised visitation services through quality leadership, training, collaborative partnerships, and compliance with professional standards of conduct and best practices.


CASVSP Membership

CASVSP membership fee is $100.00 each year.  Membership renewal is due in February each year. Members are eligible to receive a prorated amount during the fiscal calendar year of $9.00 per month


Why Join CASVSP?

  • Participate in a refresher 3-day Standard 5.20 training at no cost and or 1-day refresher courses as available.  Note these are for refresher courses and will not be documented as completion of the 3-day Standard 5.20 Training.

  • Receive specialized training on Family Code section 3200.5 and Standard 5.20 that advances the educational standards of practice

  • Reduced registration rates for training and education programs, Webinars, and conferences

  • Receive access to California statewide experts for consultation.  Note that some identified experts will provide phone and/or in-person consultation services at no costs and some may charge a reduced fee.

  • Advocate for professional excellence regarding supervised visitation and exchange services


Membership Categories:

1.Individual provider

2. Associate membership (individual is not currently providing services)


Membership Requirements:

     Individual Provider Membership:

  1.  Annual dues are paid in full

  2.  Membership requires that you have completed the 3-day in-person Standard 5.20 training as provided by the Judicial Council of California and/or CASVSP- or CASVSP collaboration with the Judicial Council of California

  3. Each provider must:

Provide a copy of the training and education certificate of completion for the Standard 5.20 training.

Submit a copy of the FL-324 form [Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider] signed under penalty of perjury to demonstrate compliance with Family Code section 3200.5 requirements and adherence to follow Standard 5.20- Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation.

  1. Submit a signed copy of the CASVSP moral character form.

  2.  Submit a copy of appropriate business licenses relative to the cities in which you provide supervised visitation and/or exchange services.

  3. Submit a copy of insurance coverage for the nature of supervised visitation business services.

  4. Provide a copy or written overview of what is required by the county court/s for you to receive referrals from the court or inclusion on the county court SV monitor’s list.  A copy is needed for each county SV monitors list you have placed your name on as a professional prov


Associate Membership

  1. Annual dues paid in full.

  2. A person designated by the association must complete the 3-day, in-person Standard 5.20 training as provided by the Judicial Council of California or CASVSP, in collaboration or conjunction with the Judicial Council of California.

  3. Submit a signed copy of the CASVSP moral character form.    

The CASVSP moral character form will be provided for you to complete after you have made contact regarding your intent to obtain membership.  Please make that request at  Thank you



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