Apply for CASVSP Membership

Thank you for your interest in wanting to join CASVSP and providing high-quality services for families and children in California. Membership eligibility with CASVSP consistent of two (2) types: general membership and/or institution or organization membership.

Please note that an applicant's membership application will not be processed if the appropriate fees have not been included with your CASVSP membership application. Additionally, if the membership application does not contain all of the required materials, your membership application will not be processed and will be considered incomplete. CASVSP will notify you that a new application must be submitted for membership consideration and approval. 

How to Apply for Membership

1. Let us know that you are interested.

2. Download and complete all CASVSP documents and forms (available after you complete your inquiry form).


3. Provide information as described below:

  • CASVSP membership application

  • CASVSP training and education and qualifications declaration

  • CASVSP certificate of moral character form

  • Current criminal background and fingerprinting clearance 

  • Attestation that provider has insurance coverage. 


4. Electronically submit (via single PDF) all required materials to 


5. CASVSP approval and/or denial of membership will take between 4–8 weeks to process. Applicants will be notified upon acceptance or denial of their membership. If approved, an invoice for applicable membership fees will be forwarded to you. 


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